At this moment

Dixie is cleaning up all six hundred Polly Pocket bits.

Charlie is playing puppy dog. He has the cutest little pant I've ever heard. Oh, oops. He is now licking the cheese sauce from the floor beneath his booster chair. I guess we'll consider that his 'second chance' meal.

Melody is sound asleep on my bed. She has been whiny since eight o'clock this morning. After waking up at seven fifty-nine.

Dowlan has applied for 8 jobs so far. Only one of them are much of a match, but we'll see who bites.

Oh, Charlie has just discovered that the problem with climbing back and forth over the back of the couch to the bench behind it is those occasions when you land between the two.

And Dixie, having had all lip gloss and chapstick taken away, has discovered red marker. Oh, well. At least she got it only on her lips. And it doesn't say D-I-X-I-E.


Fifteen minutes later:
Dixie: Mommy, Charlie had an accident and now he's playing in his peepee.

Which begs the question--where was Charlie's diaper? Daddy changed him last.


Kathy said...

Hi, I just followed the link here from Ashley's Closet and this is too funny. I love that while all that is going on you are sitting there blogging it as it happens. My 3 year old is in a major dog phase as well...she also wakes up moody and I would pay her to take a nap on my bed on those days, but she prefers to stay up and cry.

Maybe I'll offer her a dog bone...

M said...

I keep hiding and pitching the makeup that evil evil relatives give my girls. They keep coming up with more. I just don't get it. And Sharpies...I swear my kids have a stash inside a secret wall compartment or something.