Feeling neglected, oh faithful reader?

My Week, In Review:

Sunday: Public Humiliation Day--Dixie's dedication to the Lord and all that entailed.

Monday: Edit Day--Copy editing a 28 page proposal until 2 a.m.

Tuesday: Carnage Day: Mommy wakes up at 4:30 with a nasty crick in her neck. Cannot sleep again for more than about fifteen minutes. Waking up and copy editing some more. Phone call: Dowlan's wreck (mild, he's fine, only cost $770), more copy editing, missing the one fun thing I was looking forward to in order to copy edit, Melody's nose bleeds again, Mommy thinks she's on the verge, but has no idea the fun left in store for the week. Mommy falls asleep at the table as the kids play in the McDonald's playground. Less than 4 hours of sleep was not enough.

Wednesday: Tornado Day: One of those moments where you just don't enjoy living in a double-wide. Dixie also has diarrhea at church, from all the many, many apples she ate as mommy was too tired to properly supervise. Charlie is up past midnight, running wild in our friend Tracy's adult apartment. We abandon the sleepover and go home. Mommy has almost five hours of sleep.

Thursday: Save me from the Dragons Day: I miss my best friend that moved away and no longer comes to save me from my children. Dowlan comes home with great news: if the company does not get the government contract from the proposal we were editing like mad, the company is giving up the ghost, closing up the tent, biting the dust. Dowlan has been there over twelve years. I tell him that he is not allowed to become unemployed until June 13th because he MUST be gainfully employed when we stand before that judge and swear that we are capable, competent people who will care for, love and provide a life for the child we're adopting on that day. My parents come into town for the express purpose of using our toilet.

Friday: Running in Circles Day: I take Dixie to school, my parents to the Endoscopy Center to get hosed, go to playgroup, have a good time, acquire a spare child, pick up Dixie, relinquish spare child, pick up parents, come home and make a huge feast of beef and shrimp fajitas, then clean. Oh, have I mentioned that lately, I'm nesting as though I were nine months pregnant? The drawers and cabinets and shelves in my kitchen are clean and tidy. 60 square feet of Goodwill donations are dropped off. Yeah, I'm tired and a bit insane. Dowlan and I go on a date, which consists of getting him a haircut, browsing in The Container Store for an hour, then going to Olive Garden to try to get out using only my $10 gift card. We pretty well succeed--we only paid out 77¢ on the bill, plus a generous tip to our very kind waiter who made our wine 'sample' very large. Over dinner, we stare blankly at each other and try to figure out what to do with three small children and no employment.

Saturday: Birthday Madness: Melody pitches a fit because she thinks the gift I have isn't special enough. So we add some specialness. I go 9 miles out of my way on the way there, because I didnt make the exit. The girls are opening the presents on behalf of the birthday girl. So I take them into the other room to do a craft. Dixie goes into the bathroom, locks herself in, and breaks off the doorknob.

So see, it isn't that I am neglecting you. I try to keep this a happy, lighthearted and funny place. I'm all out of happy, lighthearted and funny right now.


Kristin said...

Man, when it rains it pours. I've been wondering about you, but you obviously have good reasons not to be blogging.

I love your blog and will be hoping that your next post is a happy one, but I don't mind reading venting ones either (I am one of the nerds that checks your blog everyday in case you have one of those tracker things lol)

Betsy said...

Oh, you poor thing. I will keep you in my thoughts that next week is better....

Kelcy said...

Honey, you have a faithful base of readers. Remember what I said to you yesterday about sowing love? It hit me today that not only do you have a whole community right there in Austin who cares about you and your family, you have one widely scattered on the internet. Everyone is thinking about you and willing to help in whatever way they can, whether by prayer, sending good thoughts, or more materially. Y'all are gonna be okay.

Mitch said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for awhile and have never posted. But this one brought me out of lurkdome. My dear family is in the same situation re: job loss -- so I feel for you. I just keeping saying the same thing to myself so I'm going to say it to you -- Chin up little camper. It is what it is and we'll deal with it. Sorry, I know its not much help, but I will be praying for you and your family. And thank you for your very entertaining posts!