A Google Game

Google your name, followed by needs. See what you get.

"Gretchen Needs"

Gretchen needs to go to a Sex Rehab center ...
Gretchen needs to take a lot of responsibility for her actions
Gretchen needs sleep.
Gretchen Needs to Stop Picking on Me
Gretchen needs your prayers
Gretchen needs to set up a no-kill shelter for Katrina pets (can I do that ...
Gretchen needs a tech career at Microsoft (don’t tell Mike) ...
Gretchen needs legal advice
With the whole team at the table, everyone involved can see just how complex Gretchen's needs and solutions may be. The team looks at how Gretchen functions ...
gretchen needs this. more than you know:..
It's so under appreciated! Gretchen needs some love too...she's so cute, one of my favorite
Gretchen needs to be replaced ...

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Sharon Needs His Nemesis Alive and Kicking
Sharon needs new government
Sharon needs a lifestyle change
Sharon needs full-time, paid police, firefighters.
Sharon Needs to Be Told to Stop Shooting and Start Talking ...
Sharon needs a hand
Sharon needs more assistance
Sharon needs professional manager
Sharon needs public support from Bush
Sharon Needs a New Word
Sharon needs to rest
Sharon needs watching
Sharon needs to go
Sharon needs a Lesson. from U.S. Taxpayers