I AM a good mother.

We made it through the first week of having the girls in church for the entire 70-90 minutes without incident. Well, maybe that is a stretch. I about shrieked with laughter when Melody had a naked Barbie doing an interpretive dance along the pew back during 'Holy, Holy, Holy.'

In the last three days, I have gotten fabulous professional portraits of all three of my children made. It took nine hours and cost almost a hundred bucks. Soon I will get the pics emailed to me and will share them with you. Dixie is gorgeous. Oh, my goodness, that girl is incredibly perfect. And Charlie, Charlie is so stinking cute. Melody, on the other hand, is just stinking. We have some very silly pictures of Melody. Many, many, very, very, very silly pictures. And one lovely one. But Dixie? Man, that kid is stunning.

I made books for the girls today. One is called Hop, Hop and the other is called Star. They each contain only words the girls are capable of reading. I made them after the girls went to bed and in the morning, they will awaken and be thrilled with their incredimommy.

Yeah. That's me.


Shannie said...

lmao! Love the Barbie dance! Can't wait to see the pics. I just had my baby's done for the first time. He's almost 10 months old... Bad mommy!

Cake said...

Haha on the Barbie Dance! Looking forward to seeing the pics!

Betsy said...

Wow, that Barbie dance sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see the pics!! I am with you on the cost though. I have had my girls done every three months the first year, and every six months until I don't know when. Costs me an arm and a leg every time!!