Oh, the nice thing about having a blog . . .

Is that you can tell everyone in your universe bad news all at once, and not have to deal with their reactions and explain everything over and over and over again.

I admit, at first it took a bit of getting used to. I'd be talking to someone, go to tell them my funny kid story and they'd stop me to say, "Oh, I know. I read about it on your blog."


But at least for the last entry, it was pretty nice.

You know what is really angering me about this whole thing? His job loss on June 12 overshadows the immense joy of June 13th. We have been anxiously, prayerfully, eagerly awaiting that day for 18 months now, and now it is nigh and we are not getting to enjoy it.

So maybe I should think of it this way--June 12th is 100% guaranteed to suck. But by the next day, everything will be getting soooo much better.

And if you're local, or maybe not local, but at least know where we live--you're invited to a party to celebrate our Dixie's Forever Family on Tuesday, June 10th. We'll throw hot dogs and sausages on the grill around 5:30 and have some chips and drinks. BYOD--I don't really do desserts. Oh, and late is better than never at all.


Emmy said...

If I lived close to you I'd come to your party! It will be such a great day that you'll forget about how bad the day before sucked!

Anonymous said...

"We'll throw hot dogs and sausages.."

For some reason my mind stopped reading there, and then I read on where you said on the grill and I'll admit I was a bit disappointed.
I don't know why..

Colleen said...

Hey there! It's Ms. Colleen! I miss your sweet kiddos. I would love to come to the party, but hubby and I have a three hour class that night. We're hoping to become foster parents! Email me, I would love hear from you guys.