Charlie's bald fuzzy kissin' head

is now slightly less fuzzy. He was playing in the sink, so I grabbed the scissors and evened up his wild mane. I snipped and snipped for ten minutes, to have only the tiniest pile of hair to show for it. Ordinary people have more hair on a single eyebrow than I cut off his head tonight.

But he looks just a little more grown up. And a little less unruly.


Cindy said...

My little guy (now 30) didn't get hair until he was way past two.
I worried at the grocery store
that I'd get charged for a honey dew melon as my cart rolled through!

Betsy said...

We are going to have to see some pictures! My daughter is finally get some hair on her head and she's 8 months, but if she's anything like the first, it won' stop coming in and will be full head by 1 1/2