Melody Says:

Can someone come wipe my bottom? I have one hundred poops and now the potty can never flush ever again.

You wanna know why she is worried about the toilet flushing?

We have blackberry bushes (stay with me here) and I had specifically told the girls that they could pick and eat the black ones ONLY, that the red ones are pretty, but would taste alllllllll yucky.

So Dixie heads out with a pail and picks about three dozen red berries. She brings them in, tastes one and, guess what? Yucks-ville. Then Dixie disappears. Ruh-Roh-to-the-Raggy.

I find her trying to flush the bucket full of berries down the poop-filled toilet. It is poop-filled because no amount of plunging could undo what had been done to it and Mommy was out of ideas.

Mommy: STOP! Only pee and poop and toilet paper go in the potty. Other things do NOT go in the potty.
Dixie: But they were yucky.
Mommy: Did I not tell you that they would be yucky?
D: But they're pretty.
M: Dixie, do you think that the potty might not be working because something else got flushed down there?
D: Nope.
M: Did you flush wipes down there again? Or other things?
D: Nope. I didn't flush anything except for Pee and Poop and Toilet Paper.
M: Huh. Because the toilet hasn't been working lately and I'm wondering if maybe some little girl flushed something that isn't supposed to be flushed and maybe that is what happened to the toilet.
D: You mean like the apple?
M: Apple? You flushed an APPLE down the toilet?
D: Yes, except it was a lot of days ago. Like one hundred. Years.
M: Yesterday?
D: Yes. Then.


Betsy said...

OMG. That is what I have to look forword to?? Apples down the potty?? And I am guessing that childlocks on bathroom doors while potty training is a bad idea..... :( lol. Great conversation!

Deb said...

Ooooh... Perhaps she'd heard that apples were high in fiber? Okay, I'm reaching, but OHHHHH, MY is that a plumbing problem.

Cyp said...

OMG! This had me absolutely die laughing!

and I know I shouldnt because someday my now-imobile 4 month old will be doing similar antics.. but dude thats just priceless!

Cheeky Monkey said...

Oh no! That can't be good!

Chattyprincess said...

OMG, had to CREATE an account to comment, funniest convo I have ever heard..ever! I am dying...I too have a "spirited" child (who is almost 2) I know this day is coming