Charlie Did it!

After, er, how many months of sitting him on it daily, Charlie has peed in the potty. Woo hoo!

After he did it, i stood him on the counter so he could lean over and wash his hands. Of course, he is buck naked as he does this, so while he's soaping up his hands, he reaches down and soaps his penis, then tries to get it under the running water.

Today Charlie also finally hit 12-18 month sized clothing. He's only, what 21 months old?


Kathi said...

Yay Charlie! WTG buddy!

And LOL at soaping the penis. Keep it clean!

Deb said...

Cleanliness is next to godliness, I suppose. LOL.

Cake said...

Good for him! LMAO that he washed his thang. At least he cares about hygiene!