At Dinner

Dixie: You know what was so cute? You and Daddy in the bathtub.
Mommy: Yeah, that was . . . something, wasn't it?
D: Yes. Why did you want to take a bath at the same time instead of a shower?
M: I don't really like showers.
D: But Daddy likes showers.
M: But Daddy likes Mommy.
D: Okay. It was so cute.

Where is Melody during this conversation? Pouting in her bedroom.

Fifteen minutes after the meal is over, she realizes, 'Gee, I'm hungry' so she comes in crawling and meowing to beg for food. Dowlan solves the problem of a hungry cat by tossing chunks of pork chops onto the kitchen floor. It's a good thing she's on antibiotics.


Kelcy said...

Oh, wow. That kid is trouble. Remember when I was there a couple of weeks ago, and while in time out, she opened Mommy's Very Special Drawer? ;)

Rebecca said...

Celia would have skipped the pork and gone for the actual cat food! I hope Melody's tonsils go down!

Cindy said...

Your girls are sure thinkers.
Yes, I said thinkers, not stinkers!

How is Slyvan going? I'd like to hear your take on the place.
I spent a ton of money one summer sending a 4th grader at the time.
Must have been 1992.