In need of a good diaper deal?

There is going to be a great diaper deal next week at Walgreens.

3 packs Walgreens store brand diapers at 5.99= 17.97

-5/2 instant value coupon in the monthly book (it should take off $2.50 for the 3rd pack) (these are located on a rack at the front of the store)

so -7.50= 10.47 + tax, get back 5.00 in the form of a Register Rebate (good for $5 off your next purchase at Walgreens. If you use it to buy more diapers, it won't spit out another one, so it's best to use it for something else.)

so 5.47 for 3 packs of diapers + tax or 1.82 a pack.
Or if you buy 4 packs it would be 8.96/4= 2.24 a pack

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Sandi said...

Thanks for this!