I'm tired of buying stuff for my Swiffer, so I got a syringe that is for injecting turkeys with spice in order to refill the little jug with 1 part white vinegar and 4 parts water. It is about 95% cheaper and doesnt contribute waste to the landfills.

I finally finished off my last bottle of solution and injected it with the vinegar and water today. It cleaned MUCH better than the solution--didn't leave a film, and got stuff up really well. it aslo doesnt seem to be getting dirty again as fast, because it doesn't have the build-up.

And I got a microfiber cloth to use instead of the disposable ones. I figure I just saved us about $80-100 a year.


Kira said...

You're my hero. Now why didn't I think of that??? Not to mention, that swiffer liquid stuff strips the wax right off my floors and leaves them so dull. :(

Awesometastic, thanks.

Kathie said...

I've been refilling mine too. Did you know you can get the top of the bottle off by running it under hot water for about 45 seconds and using pliers? Some people have said it leaks then, but mine hasn't. I agree it works SO much better with vinegar/water.