I have a job!

I start tutoring at Sylvan Learning Center tomorrow!

This is something I'd planned on doing for awhile, as a side gig for some extra $$, but was never sufficiently motivated. When we found out that Dowlan's job was disappearing, I realized that him taking on a part time job would interfere with his unemployment, but mine wouldn't. So I am going to work as many hours as they'll give me while he's job hunting.


Betsy said...

well good luck!

Cindy said...

Good for you! Wow, your little kids are so lucky that you can teach them the Sylvan way!
For free!!!

Good luck to you and to Dowlan
in his search for a new job.
Times are rough out here in WA
and a lot of people are being laid
off or unable to make ends meet.
Construction is slow for my husband. My gas bill is bigger than my house payment. IS that SCARY?