We'll be back home tomorrow

and then I'll get a chance to post more.

I did go to the dentist this morning and got to have this conversation with the hygenist:

H: Do you usually get food stuck right here?
G: I used to have to pick it out all the time after eating, but it hasn't bothered me in awhile.
H: Well, that's because it's full.



Nicole said...

Totally worth stopping by!

MommyToAPreemie said...

thats just funny

Cindy said...

Is it just an open contact or do you need a fill? Keep it cleaned out after every meal! : )

~Gretchen~ said...

it's just a gap between molars. i do have a filling that disappeared that i need to go get redone, but it was on a different tooth

Lacy Rose said...

I have the same tooth gap issue. It stinks!

I guess I should break down and goto the dentist too... I had an appt about a month ago but I canceled. I am such a chicken!