Whew, she's gone.

I should have known it was a bad sign when the social worker arrived while Dixie was in time out.

The visit went well, she didn't seem alarmed by anything, we skirted the unemployment issue. But the kids were WILD. Oh, dear God, they were crazy. Showing off, running in circles, climbing on daddy. Ack. Nothing alarming happened, though, and she seemed happy when she left, so I think we're fine.

And I'd spent all day feeling dizzy and ready to throw up. I just figured it was stress getting to me, but then the social worker came and went and I still felt that way. I realized that I still have water clogging one ear from water aerobics this morning.

Now that I've poured alcohol down both ears (and my throat) I feel better.


jandcandme said...

Glad to hear the visit went well!

That's funny about the dizziness!

Cindy said...

I thought that when someone adopted, they took the kid home and that was it. Lots to it tho, and I guess it's a good thing to make sure the kid is safe. That is stressful I am sure. I cracked up at your last line : ) Pass the rum please!

Anonymous said...

i glad things went well see you in few weeks

M said...

Glad to know it's not only me. Anytime our caseworker comes over, our kids go freaking apeshit. You just wanna grab them and ask what in god's name they think they're doing but you know you can't. I just smile and say "yep, they're a little excited today."


Happy to hear that everything went well though.