So my foot may or may not be broken

They cant really see anything on the xray. So I'm on codeine, off my foot and supposed to try to walk Thursday and if I cant walk on it, go back for a bone scan. Or it could just be a sprain of the ligament in my foot.

I stepped off a curb. Intentionally. But not correctly. I felt something snap and this small pain explosion in my foot. I still had to get Charlie and my stuff loaded into the van, get the cart back in the store and drive home. Did I mention it is my right foot? Yeah.

It is conveniently the foot that I already have plantar fascitis in, which is nice. It is good to have all the pain confined to one foot, because if I didn't have one good foot, well, I'd be screwed. It is also nice to have an unemployed husband right now. He's been quite useful to have around and someone should watch these kids.

Oh, and if you are one of the 70-80 people coming over tomorrow night--the party is still on.

Can I also mention how delicious the irony is here? Part of the reason we're adopting Dixie is that her grandmother was unable to keep up with her because she can't walk without crutches. I think the judge is going to find this all quite amusing. Or think we're insane.


Emmy said...

Yeouch! You know, one day you WILL look back at all of this and laugh! I hope! It will really give you a great forever family store for Dixie!

the driftwood collector said...

I see the makings of a fabulous family story that will be retold for years. Hope you're back in walking form soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, you still returned your cart even though you thought you had broken your foot?

Kudos to you!

Oh and I hope your foot is better soon. ;)

April said...

I second the cart comment. Next time I see a cart in the middle of a parking place, I'm going to cut the lazy bum some slack. Obviously he/she had just broken a foot, and, as any normal person would, left the cart where it stood.