Did you ever have a dream that came true?

Melody asks Dowlan this first thing this morning. Then goes on to say, "Because I dreamed I was thirsty. And then, when I woke up, I was thirsty."


elsuenoamericano said...

You're blog makes me so happy... I love reading it. :)

Cindy said...

Do you remember being a kid, dreaming you were sitting on the pot, and the next thing you knew your bed was wet? Ha!
Love reading your words as you are part of my morning coffee routine. Keep up the good work!

Shannie said...

LOL, too cute!

And, Cindy, I had that dream as an adult... One of the very first times I spent the night at the il-laws'.

Cake said...

She is just so cute!

Cindy - is that only supposed to happen when you're a kid? ;)