Let's try it, and see how it works

Mommy: Dixie, if you kick your sister's chair one more time, I am going to start counting the kicks. And whatever number I get to in the ten minutes until we get home is the number of spankings you get when we get home.

(9 minutes and thirty seconds later)

Melody: Mommy, Dixie just kicked me again.
Mommy: Dixie, remember what I said: when we get home, you get a spanking for kicking your sister.
Dixie: Don't wait, mommy. Just spank yourself and toss that spankin' over my way.


Jenny and Scott said...

You have such funny kids, Gretchen. I love reading your conversations. Makes me laugh all the time.

Cindy said...

I am guessing Gretchen spankings don't hurt too much : ) Or she'd be scared.

Mamalicious said...

Oh, Mah, Gah! You have a wild one on your hands. I love that Dixie comment! How can you spank one that's soooo funny?

Love her heart and yours,

M said...

That quote there is pure gold. She sounds like I live one.