The conflicts between science and religion

Dixie: Mommy, is their light in your heart?
Mommy: No. It's dark in there because it is inside your skin and underneath your ribcage.
Dixie: See Melody? You're WRONG! Mommy said there's NO light in your heart.
Mommy: Melody, what do you mean by 'light in your heart'?
Melody: Mommy, there HAS to be light in your heart. Otherwise, God couldn't see to move around.
Mommy: So you're both right. Dixie is right because there is no physical light. Melody is right because there is metaphorical light.

Melody has been on a kick to understand everything. She spent twenty minutes on the subject of wrist composition and function. It included the premise that the wrist had, located between the skin and the bones, rubber bands. Other places in the body have different kinds of rubber bands, which is why different parts of your body can move in different ways.

Yesterday's car ride was spent explaining how the food goes in your mouth and, when you swallow, it goes through a tube into your heart and then your stomach. So I tried to explain that the tube runs next to the heart, to the stomach and then keeps going. The tube goes a long ways and breaks up the food into tinier and tinier pieces until it is so small that it can go in your blood and then your blood takes it to your heart and everywhere else. Melody mostly accepted this, on the basis that, when you bleed, you don't see bits of food in there, so it must be really tiny. But still said that it has to go through the heart first so that God can have a bite. Besides, she insists. If your food didn't go through the heart first, you wouldn't love it.


Anonymous said...

That is so cute about having light in your heart. :)

Betsy Hart said...

How funny! I am not sure I could come up with somethink that 'easy' to understand.