I'm a derelict!

There is a woman that I have attended church with for 11 years now. She is in her seventies and, well, has opinions. They are not well concealed opinions. She also quilts, so we talk quilting a lot. We often share things we're working on.

Today, we were discussing sewing and fabrics and she mentioned the many projects that her quilter's guild has taken on and how she often takes scraps or random leftover fabrics for them to pick through for the 'grab table.' She mentioned that they like children's prints because, and I quote:

"We make blankets for the derelicts at the WIC program, for when they've passed their courses for prenatal and post-havin'-their-babies nutrition and such. They have to get their card punched ten times and they really want the quilts, so it gets them to come. You know WIC, the place where the women go who can't take care of their children and feed their babies and keep having them anyways?"

I simply nodded, although I was most tempted to say, "Yes, I know WIC. I have an appointment there tomorrow." just to see what her response would be.

Truth is, I do have an appointment there tomorrow. Three months ago, my husband lost his job and I knew that we would need all the help we could get to make it through a hard time with three children. If I have learned anything from adopting Dixie it is this: when help is available and you truly need it, take it. There is no shame in being helped when you need help. You can swallow your pride, but you can't eat it.

The more I thought about the conversation at church, the harder I was laughing. As soon as I got out of the church, I had to immediately call my mom and announce proudly, "I'm a derelict!" I know most people would be offended, insulted or feel that they'd been negligent towards their families, but I think it is absolutely hysterical and proves that you NEVER know who you're talking to or their experience in the matter being discussed.

The truly sad part? She has spent decades of her life helping others. She goes to the food pantry and hands out thousands of pounds of food. She has made quilts and blankets for the babies and families of children in need. Yet she STILL doesn't get. She never will. To spend so much of your life helping people and to not be able to see them as people? It breaks my heart for her.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was truly a profound post. It needs to be read.
I have chills. This country is in so much trouble. Even dentistry is suffering. So many people needing help. And how am I going to come up with my property taxes by October 31??? It just sucks for most of us right now.

Anonymous said...

I usually react the same way. Instead of getting offended I just feel sad that the other person doesn't get it.

Betsy Hart said...

That is so sad. I was talking to a coworker about a display that my manager wanted of the wic formula. I told her that I didn't think it would do any better on the endcap then it did on the shelf purely for the fact that the people who really buy it are those on wic, and they aren't going to buy more just cause its featured. Anyway, she went off on people on wic, and I was too embarassed for her to mention that I am on wic as well. There is absolutely NO SHAME in asking for help when you need it.

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Wow, I'm a derelict too!!! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

derelicts unite! my husband is active duty military and we definitely qualify for WIC. damn, i wish i got a quilt for that ;)

Deanna said...

Oh this is too funny. You know I know who that was. I guess that's a good thing, showing that its a more rare than more common attitude?

Hey, do you want to go to the quilt show with me? I keep forgetting to call you and ask.