It's still less work than the wedding dress

I made this no-sew tutu:


I googled directions. The whole in the middle? Imagine The Dixie standing there.

I got some foam to cover in green fabric with peacock feathers appliqued on it. I have a single feather made:



Throw in some solid leggings, a bright shirt, slap together a headpiece and paint her little 'beak' orange, and we have a bird.


Unknown said...

dude I so envy you your mad sewing skills. I feel so limited for halloween costumes for my little one by having to buy it!

Granted she's 9 months and doesnt care what she is this year, but still.

Betsy Hart said...

That is so cute!!

Unknown said...

I love the tutu. My daughter would love something like that. Is there any way you could post the directions to it on here?