Quiche update

It was incredible. Incredibly incredible. Incredible beyond all incredibility. I was incredulous.

I think I'm out of parts of speech there. Is incredulity a word? Huh. Spell check says so. Incredulation didn't pass muster, though.

Mine was one of 14 identical quiches at a luncheon for fifty ladies. We had a group of Sweet Adelines singing for us and everything was all fancied up. It was really fun.

Incredibility? Oh! It IS a word.


ApRiL said...

That was an incredibly incredible post. I love your blog and read it all the time. I 'lurve' your family. (promise not to stalk ya)


Anonymous said...

Now I'm going to have to make that quiche for my lady's Bible study. Then I can bask in their incredible praise :)

Betsy Hart said...

Well, I am glad all's well that ended well. :) She just needed identical quiches!

the rural rube said...

Was it intentional that you all brought identical quiches? I showed up at a barbecue once where everyone had brought pasta salad. There were 9 pasta salads and that's it.
What kind of quiche did you make? As a hen owner, I love throwing a quick quiche together for dinner.