Melody's gems for today:

To the coach at her school:
I have a brother Charlie. He's two. Charlie used to be really cute, until he got a number.
Aren't most kids cute until they get a number? After you turn one, it's all downhill, baby.

She randomly tossed this one over her shoulder:
Tractors pull machines so that horses don't have to. I guess we don't really need horses much then, do we?
Hear that horses? You're fired.


Betsy said...

LOL! That is too funny!!

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, that is funny!

Mamalicious said...

Gretchen, She is so right! Once they get a number- it's all trouble. Big time.

I love when you post your kid sayings.


Sheri said...

Looks like the kiddos are learning their mama's astute observation techniques. :-) Some of the teachers I work with pass along the treasures their students say, and it really makes your day. (Hey - I rhymed!)

However, I am thinking about posting co-workers' quotes. Out of the nine years I have been at the mercy of our nation's future and those who raise them, I have never heard such memorable one-liners. On the flip side, that whole "working in the public sector" thing kind of limits what you can blog.

Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

I agree they are much cuter when they don't have a number. Cuter and way less trouble.