He is on the phone, right now.

He is locked in the closet in our locked bedroom, on the phone for his interview.

I want to throw up.

Not, for the reason you think, though. Melody decided it was time to take hair length issues into her own hands. She and Dixie now have matching bangs, except that Dixie's have had a month to grow out.

Dixie just told me, "Mommy, I hate you right now because you won't let me have hair like Melody's."


He's off the phone. It was very informal and the guy has closed the listing, but is still sifting through the applications he has. The fact that dowlan is one of the first contacted, to me, means he stood out. They are wanting someone to start in three weeks.


Betsy said...

My fingers are crossed for you guys! I hope he gets it!

Betsy Hart said...

Fingers crossed for sure!! And I think we are gonna need some pictures! :)

The Beach Life said...

Fingers crossed Gretchen!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Dowlan.

We need to invent kid scissors that won't cut hair : )

Anonymous said...

Prayers being sent for a good job with Godly people. ~ ~ Papa