9:15 brunch with new minister and wife
10:30 church--Charlie was in the service for ten whole minutes (which is progress, I promise)
12:00 lunch at some friends' house--only we got there 20 minutes before they did, and then they came to tell us that they forgot they'd promised to take their son out for his birthday, so we went to his birthday lunc
12:30 lunch at Red Robin
3:00 go to their house, as there is no point in going home--while there, try to remove Melody's earring in a fit of screaming hysteria that lasts twenty minutes
4:00 Dowlan and kids go to a birthday party, I go to a baptism
5:20 back at the friends' house to fry bacon for them while they put in an appearance at a neighborhood barbecue
6:20 go to church small group--Dowlan and the kids arrive about thirty minutes later. We eat dinner and I fall asleep on the couch before we get to the Bible part
8:30 finally arrive home, having been gone almost twelve hours.

I am exhausted with a capital X.

Yesterday, we shampooed the carpets. The furniture is all back where it goes, but there is a bunch of stuff cluttering our dining room that is normally cluttering our kitchen. And I have to make lunches for school and make hairbows to match their uniforms that they insisted on as a condition for wearing their uniforms.

It's a good thing I napped on Robin's couch.

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Aunt Rhody said...

One week ahead of you. Did our carpets last weekend. Fried the bacon last week, too. But, had a 12;30 p.m. meltdown with the twins (we babysat this weekend)--both at same time. Then drove home to do our own laundry and grocery shopping. I do not feel that I observed the Sabbath. How about you?