Charlie Speaks

This morning, he requested his breakfast foods: Cheese! Mac! Diet Coke!

This afternoon, Melody got a new toy. It is a Sleeping Beauty royal bed that converts into a throne. Charlie finally got his turn with it and begins to examine it top to bottom, searching for the button. Disappointed, he asks Melody, "Button?" She tries to explain that their is none. Unsatisfied, he takes it to Dixie. "Button?" and finds himself no more satisfied with her answer. He picks it up again, takes it across the room, stomping. He is asserting, "Button! Dadd-e Fined!"

When not even his hero can find the button to the toy, his interest is lost and he goes back to his new favorite standby, the construction backhoe that an auntie got him for Christmas. It has six buttons and is therefore clearly superior.


Betsy said...

Love it! My three year old thinks that anything that doesn't make noise needs new batteries.

Jenny said...

Sounds like Charlie and my son enjoy playing with the same toys!