Temporal Displacement

Dowlan left town Thursday to do a job interview in another city, so I sat the girls down that day to explain to them that Daddy would be gone before they went to bed, but would be back tomorrow. By Friday, Melody is sorely missing him.

Melody: I miss Daddy and it isn't fair that he won't be back until tomorrow.
Gretchen: He'll be back today! It won't be that long at all.
M: But you said he'd be back tomorrow.
G: But I said that yesterday. It IS tomorrow.
M: It is not Tomorrow. Today is Today.
G: True, but yesterday's tomorrow is today.
M: So you mean that Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow? That's Impossible! It doesn't make any sense! You can't change days like that!
G: Fine. I lied. Daddy won't be home tomorrow. He'll be home today.
M: You shouldn't lie to me. That is really mean.
G: Do you want me to call him to tell him to not come home until tomorrow?
M: But it IS tomorrow today from yesterday.
G: Now you're making sense!


Betsy Hart said...

LOL! How funny!

Anonymous said...


How you can remember all of that is beyond me. But I am glad you can and even gladder that you share it.

Love, Papa

Anonymous said...

Don't you love these conversations? Makes you want to smack your head into a wall lol.