That actually worked

Church nights are rough. We don't get home until almost nine and rarely get in bed before ten. Then everyone drags through Thursday and it is really hard for Dixie to have a good day at school.

Tonight, at 5:00 the kids took baths while I made dinner. After they ate, I took three children to church in zip-up footed pajamas. No one fell asleep on the way home like I hoped, but they did come home, brushed teeth and picked out books straightaway without a fuss.

We may do this again.


My3Ro's said...

Glad you are finding a routine that works for you guys. It will catch on wait and see. Love your blog.

Cindy said...

I like the brushing the teeth part.
Concerning teeth, I made it onto Leah's blog
today. Go check me out : )

Betsy said...

I totally take my kids to Monday class at our church in their jammies, makes bedtime alot easier!!