How to keep the romance alive

It is a few weeks shy of 9 years since our first date. A few weeks after that, we will celebrate our sixth anniversary. The last year or two have gotten pretty tough, and I would like to show you how we keep the spark in our marriage.

Our bathroom can be a very serene and romantic place. There is a grape arbor over the garden tub, complete with vines, clusters of fruit and a chandelier hanging down. The floor is tile we laid a few years ago in an intricate pattern of colors and a style that was chosen to look like an outdoor patio. The cabinetry is rustic and I built it almost two years ago. When the candles are lit, the bath is drawn and everything is in it's place, it can be a lovely and quiet spot.

Today, the tub was full of squishy wet toys left over from the kids' baths and the surrounding area is covered in the second half of the Christmas stuff that is not yet squared away. There are dirty kids' clothes and different bottles and brushes everywhere.

I'm wearing an orange-and-white striped tank top with holes in it. I'm braless, and the boobs are flopping down to the waist of my paint-covered yoga pants. My hair is plastered to the top of my head, emanating the stench of at-home hair dye, my mustache is in the middle of its eight-minute bleaching. I wet an old cloth diaper down to hand to Dowlan so that he can get the drips of hair dye off the back of my neck and ask him, "Isn't this exactly the life you dreamt of when you married me?"

Update: I like my new hair color. My roots are gone and it is closer to my natural color. I got it cut over the weekend and it is really cute. My nails are done, my hair is styled, my mustache is bleached.

Off to go watch My Name Is Earl and fall asleep on the couch.


Anonymous said...

Pic please.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Great post! Sometimes you have to get really ugly before you're pretty. I totally know the feeling...unfortunately.