Help a girl out

For Christmas, Melody wanted one thing and one thing only: a baby reindeer that is light brown and so little that it still has the white spots and no antlers because then it would be a mommy, not a baby and it needs to be small.

She has been going on and on (and on and on) about this since August. Mid-September I bought her one. As we were leaving the store, she caught a glimpse of it. When we got home I secreted it away.

Apparently, I am quite good at hiding things.

You see where this is going, right? I have been through every closet in our home. Every box, every drawer, every hiding spot. It is nearing February and she is still miffed that the baby deer is all alone in the house and crying for her mommy but she's so small that her crying can't be heard and she is all alone very scared. She even has a mommy picked out, courtesy of Goodwill. Every day, Dash can be heard crying for her babe.

Please tell me that someone out there has both a small deer and a soft spot for my family. The deer I had bought her was a Webkins, but any small deer will do. It just has to have spots and no antlers. Please, oh please, oh please.



Irish said...

I'll look for you this weekend. :)

Lori said...

Would she want the online code for the Webkinz? Or just the stuffed animal? Because if she just wants the stuffed animal, I will buy her the Webkinz deer from somewhere online, have it shipped to you and than you can email me the code. My nieces don't need the stuffed animal, but I know they'd love to have the code.

Let me know!

Make the obvious changes!

C.G said...

I am poor or I would totally send you one.. BUT..

go here:


There is bunches of baby webkinz deer for sale!

Most of the auctions are done in a day so, fingers crossed you get to them soon! Good Luck!