Happy birthday (x6)

cake #1 was a batch of ice cream cone cupcakes my friend laura brought to play group

cake #2 was supposed to be for her class on monday, but we ended up needing it at the party

cake #3
fell over and completely died

cake #4 was a remake of cake #3

cake #4 after it fell over and got fixed

cake #5 to take to her class instead of cake #2

cake #6 was because i had random stuff left over from cake #5. We'll eat it tomorrow night with dinner.


Nikki said...

SO cute!!! and yummy!! The girls had a blast at the party!! Thanks so much for including us!
I'm going to get Hi Ho Cherry-O this week. Hopefully I can have it by Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Those are such lovely & yummy looking cakes. It cracks me up that you went through all of those cakes.

Betsy said...

How fun!! You really like cakes don't you??

Donna Lyn said...

WOW!! I hope she had a very nice birthday. Tell her that the cousins she saw at Christmas wish her the very best birthday ever.

Anonymous said...

someone get bored and made Five cakes-sara

Aunt Rhody said...

Good grief, woman! Learn this word: Mod-er-a-tion