Well, I got most of what I wished for

There was no snow and very little ice. I made it to go visit the man I adore who makes me feel good with every touch. After the chiropractor, Charlie and I went to visit the empty church parking lot, where there apparently will NOT be a ladies' Bible class today. So we ran two errands and came home. He is asleep on the couch, weary from his wild day in the car seat.

A few funnies from the girls:

I was running late for work because I could not find a bra. This shouldn't be all that complicated--those things are the size of swaddling blankets--but my desperate searches were repeatedly futile. Dixie, who knows all about bras thanks to The Little Mermaid, made me one out of Play-Doh. Opting to use the one Dowlan found instead, I thanked her and went to work.

When I came home, I was greeted with happy daughters who had spent much of the last two hours making bras for me. I had Play-Doh bras in purple, pink and teal, notebook paper bras carefully crafted with crayon and scissors and a wad of yarn from an underwire-gone-awry.

Sadly, none of them fit.

When it came to be bedtime, Melody made an important announcement: Mommy and Daddy, I'm going to tell you something. Every time you need to spank Dixie, just tell her you're going to tickle her back. Then say 'oops, i tricked you' and spank her. That's a good way to get her to not move.

Sure thing, Melody. Can I try it on you, first?

Then this morning, Melody was worried about going to school because she had the hiccups. She insisted that, "I can't go to school with the hiccups because, if I touch someone else, they will get my hiccups."


Betsy said...

LOL! THat is funny. I don't think the playdough bras would fit me either.

The Beach Life said...

Sadly, I could fit in to a play doh bra.

Mamalicious said...

Ask them to make me a play doh sports bra, m'kay?


Ksagstetter said...

What was Dixie's input on the proposed trickery?

webmom30 said...

I too would fit into a playdo bra. :(