The decorations of Christmas passed

Are finally down. And I literally mean down. They are littered and stacked all over the bathroom floor, waiting to be up again.

The living room seems so funny. The girls walked in last night from church and looked around. They could tell something was funny, but couldn't quite place what had changed.

Melody seems content to let Christmas go, as she knows that birthday can't come until Christmas has gone. In fact, each day this week she has volunteered a little extra cleaning to be ready for her guests. Dixie is still holding out. She grabbed one fake poinsettia sprig and returned it to the centerpiece on the dining room table. It sits among the candles and yellow roses 'so that it can always be at least a little bit Christmas.'


Betsy Hart said...

LOVE the new look, and lol about the decor. Mine was down on the 26th!

dalene said...

I like the new look, too!

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