Argh, Ye Mateys!

I be wishin' to you the happiest of all International Talk Like a Pirate Days

So hoist ye mainsail, swab the poop deck and enjoy yer grog. This mornin' I dressed me rapscallions up in their finest piratey things and too them to the church building in our galleon. We hid and hunted treasure, read piratey stories, shared our costumes, saved princesses, told tales of the slippery mermaids and colored pirates with the other rascally children there.

The two pirate ships dueled all day and attacked the other toys. But, alas--all the booty we find had only the poopy diapers. Arrgh.

Remember--to err is human, to arr is pirate.


Anonymous said...

I first mistook colored as an adjective instead of a verb. But don't change it, I have this glorious mental image of Eddie Griffin as a pirate.

InTheMindOfJessica said...

Today, (the 20th) was something too... I cant remember what it was now.. but I had read it on this paper thingy in the restrooms at school. If its still up tomorrow I will try to remember to remember it and tell you. It was something really funny.. I think..