Attention Stalkers and Internet Creeps:

My mother is worried about you lifting pictures of my kids and claiming them as your own. Let me warn you not to do this. You know why? Because no one will believe that kids this cute belong to you. How do I know this? Because they are so cute that no one believes that they are mine, either.


Also, my Public Service Announcement du jour:
Go, right now. This very second. And sprinkle ant killer, the really strong deadly poisonous stuff, not that hippie organic earth-friendly crap, on your air-conditioning unit.

The Official Cause-of-Death for our a/c unit? You got it--fire ants. They got into a couple of key parts and fried it. Fried themselves, too, but that small vengeance didn't soothe my check-writing hand one bit.

Spread it around. All around. To the point that you no longer have grass visible and are concerned about standing down-wind from this particular point in your yard. Any miserable lung diseases or cancerous growths you might acquire from this will be offset by the fact that you will have a nice cool house to lie in while you languish and die.


Rebecca said...

Bummer about the AC unit. We did the whole mix Borax with sugar water earlier this summer to get rid of ants. We don't have a very big problem though.

I highly recommend putting a Site Meter on your page. It can help you keep an eye on things (like how people find your page....if they click your BBC link or do some nasty Google search that happens to lead to your page). It's free....but a but addictive to see how many readers you have, how long they are reading, and where they are coming from!

Anonymous said...

And people in the northeast don't understand when I try to explain what evil, hellish fiends fireants are...

Anonymous said...

Awww! I can understand her worry "People Are Strange", your kids are so adorable, and this reader appreciates the smile in her day! If you want, you can email me at happymentality@hotmail.com and

and I'll send you a link to my *journal* - I know you link yours at the BHB, but I'm not ready to be so public. :)
I'm *fairly* normal, even if I love the BHB ;)


Deb said...

Thanks for the ant tip. I'm on it.