Ooh! Ooh! Look at me!

I have a story to tell, but before we get to that, you need to all see my new cute haircut before I go to bed, because it will never again look as good as how the stylist did it. I wish I could keep her in a drawer in my bathroom just so I could look this good every day.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The official reviews from my family:
"That looks pretty and curly. It is too silly for a mommy to have pretty, curly hair." ~Dixie
"Look! See mommy's hair-new? She wouldn't let us pick up the pieces off the floor that the cutter lady dropped and glue them to charlies head so he wouldnt be bald because that might itch and and look silly." ~Melody
"Huh? Why are you shaking your head in my face?" ~Dowlan
"Boof." ~Charlie


Sheri Rose said...

Family reviews sound age/gender appropriate! Love the new look. I had long layers done about four weeks ago (before our Vegas trip), and they still look pretty good. I had not done them in about five years, but I think that has to do with the maintenance factor (i.e., needing to get your hair done more than every three-four months).

Cake said...


Kim said...

I love the family's reaction! Melody's response was great. I just cut mine short after it being past my shoulders. McKenna smiled so I guess it is okay.

Donna V. said...

Wow, looks good. I got my hair cut just above my sholders just before school started. I don't think I have had short hair since High School and that was a LONG time ago! Will be 20 years next May. Boy, I'm getting old!!