Overheard at Bennigan's

from the booth next to us:

Airhead: So I have decided that black nail polish is perfect because it matches with everything.
Friend of Airhead: It does not! Not with everything.
A: It so does! Black matches everything. And it is great because you don't look all Gothic.
FoA: It does, too.
A: Nuh-huh! Black nail polish is NOT Gothic.
FoA: Well, have you tried painting your nails black to see if it matches?
A: No, I didn't have any black nail polish because I'm not a Goth.

So as shocked and appalled as I was to discover myself driving around to day in a (rental) minivan while listening to NPR and worrying about the washing machine repair man, I can say this for myself: Thank God I am no longer a teenager.

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Nicole said...

I hate to be the Bee in your bonnet but I have to remind you that you are in fact raising three of them.