Signs that the Cough Medicine is Working Way Too Well

The numbers on the vcr as it rewinds are very mesmerizing.

I had two read the word 'pleased' 5 or 6 times to know that it was an actual word.

The girls come up with the plans for today: to watch Bambi, then Cinderella, then Little Mermaid, then Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea, then Winnie the Pooh, then start over with Bambi again . . . and it actually sounds like a really good idea.

Dowlan drags Charlie's high chair into the living room to watch TV while he eats breakfast and that also seems like a good idea.

When Bambi's mother gets shot I think, mmm . . . venison stew would feel really good on my throat right now.

Dixie brings me the pedometer to ask what time it is, and I tell her that it is 29,604 without blinking.

I prop my body up on the couch with an intricate series of pillows so that a) the girls will think that I am awake and b) the mucous only has one direction to move.


Deb said...

The daytime meds are the best. For me, they're like speed. I get so much more done on cold medicine. Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. Cough medicine makes me loopy too.