Distance Blogging

We're visiting grandmas' for the weekend, but I had to hop on with this conversation:

Mommy: Okay, girls. That train has two engines. If it stops at the station and gets two more engines put on, how many engines will it have?
Melody: More.

While right in spirit, I don't think her future algebra teacher will appreciate that kind of answer.


Oh, and nothing says FUN like spending four hours in the car with three small, loud children. You end up having a lot of conversations like this:

Girl: I'm ready to be at Oma's house NOW.
Parent: Me, too! We just have 1 hour to go.
Girl: How long is that?
Parent: 60 minutes.
Girl: 1-2-3-4-5-6. There! We're at Oma's!
Parent: Yeah. Just do that about six thousand times and . . . no, wait. DON'T do that six thousand times. Hey look! Sweetie, do you see that cow?
Girl: Yes. What is it's name?
Parent: Bessie.
Girl: But you said the last cow was named Bessie!
Parent: They're all named Bessie. This one is Bessie, that one is Bessie. Even the boys are Bessie.
Girl: But Whhhhhhhhhh-yyyyy?
Parent: Cow mommies are notoriously un-creative when naming their baby cows.
Girl: It isn't a baby cow, mom, it's called a calf.
Parent: That's right. What is a baby goat called?
Girl: Bessie.

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