I have nothing to report, except to brag

I have achieved the perfect home today. It is clean. Even the toilets, dishes and floors. The inside of the refrigerator is clean. The toys are put away. Even the girls' beds are made. And did I mention that the girls are now napping happily atop their covers?

Charlie's room is also clean, and he is also asleep.

The bills are all paid, the trash is taken out, I've been to the bank, I got a (cute) haircut today. I played silly games with Melody Anne while Dixie was at school. I wasn't even late getting Dixie to school. Everyone has eaten two nutritious, homemade, balanced meals today and a third is now cooking.

I think God puts moments like this in my life to remind me that I truly am a competent individual, and am capable of keeping order in the chaos of life at home with children ages 1, 3 and 4. I can think of no more peaceful feeling than sitting in my home right now.

However, in a minute, it will happen. Someone will wake up. The peace will not last. But while it is lovely when all is calm, well and quiet in the house, when the children wake up, it is like the sun begins to shine again.

Is it silly to miss them when they're only asleep a few feet away?


Unknown said...

Does this mean I'm incompetent? Because I never have moments like this.

Congrats on yours!

Anonymous said...

You give me hope that I might someday be able to achieve this with my 3.5, 2 and 2 month old kids. Maybe, just maybe, in reality and not just in my dreams.

Anonymous said...

I think that's awesome. You are not only competent, you are AMAZING! I only hope that I can be half as "Gretchen-like" when I have more than one kid. You are my hero.