This Morning's Kid One Liners

Melody, referring to the the lump of dough:
Mama, why is there a meatball in my ice cream?

There is some kind of factory near our house. I have told the girls that it is the Cloud Factory. Every time we drive by, we look at the sky to see if it has been working hard or not. Today, Dixie asked:
Mama, what is the Cloud Factory's middle name?

Me: Melody! Why are you crying?
Melody: Dixie scared my heart.
Me: How did she do that?
Melody: She roared. Rooooaaaaaarrrrrr!

Dixie: When do we get Jenny (our car) back?
Me: Honey, we aren't. She was so smashed up that she couldn't be fixed.
Dixie: So we are going to keep this van forever?
Me: No, we're just renting it. We'll get a different car pretty soon.
Dixie: and then that one will stop working, so you'll get a new one and drive it, then that one will die, and you'll get another new one and another new one and another new one?
Melody: Gee, mommy, how many new cars do you really need?

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Anonymous said...


Dixie scared my heart. and Gee, mommy, how many new cars do you really need?

How do you not guffaw at them to the point where they develop a complex? ;)