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Charlie took nine consecutive steps across the kitchen floor this evening while the entire family watched, cheered and clapped. The fact that he did his first long string of steps for all of us made it really special. If he had done this a few months ago, I would be tying his toes together and pushing him down to get him to stop, but I guess that 13.5 months is as long as I can reasonably delay my Little Boof from growing up.

Charlie also learned motions and some singing bits to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" today. It is incredibly cute. If I ever find batteries and my camera on the same day and they both happen to be working (all big ifs) then I will get a video of this extreme cuteness for you all to enjoy.

I hate car shopping. Anyone have a car they want to give me? Because this isn't working.

Dixie: Mommy, what shape is this?
Mommy: What shape is what?
D: This!
M: You mean your carseat?
D: Yes, what shape is my carseat?
M: It is an irregular polygon.
D: Oh.

So I went to an in-home wine tasting last night. I guess Mary Kay and Pampered Chef aren't cool enough anymore. I, uh, enjoyed myself. A lot. They may never invite me back, but I thought I made the party exciting.

Since becoming a SAHM, I have also become a Coupon Fiend. Today I had $37 in coupons which meant our groceries for the week were only $39. I realize that you may not be entirely impressed, but I am thrilled.

Dixie has a bright future ahead of her as a tattoo artist, apparently. Fortunately her many works this week all washed off of Melody and Charlie.

And Melody is a Reluctant Ballerina. Grr. She adored the first two weeks of class, tolerated the next 3 weeks of class and flat refused to do anything on Wednesday. I am at a loss.

As for Dowlan--yeah, he's pretty much the same.

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Deb said...

Irregular polygon. Tee-hee.