According to Dr. Inter Net

The pain in my feet every morning is plantar fascitis.

So Dowlan is doing most of the morning kid stuff while i wiggle my feet, stretch my calves and try to get up the nerve to walk the fifteen steps to the bathroom.

Melody comes in needing breakfast and asserting that Daddy has Gone To Work. I stumble in to get her some and she realizes that Daddy is Right There.

Daddy goes to take a shower and I'm on the couch, wiggling my feet. Melody comes to tell me that Charlie's a stinky diaper baby and I tell her that Daddy will have to deal with it. Mommy's feet 'woken up yet.'

Melody suggests, "Maybe you could change him on your knees."

Yeah, there's a visual image for you. Mommy the Jammied Lioness, carrying Charlie Cub by grabbing the nape of his scrawny neck in her teeth, trying not to breathe in the diaper stench. Crawling over and pawing at the door to open it up, and then leaping to the top of the changing table to hover over him on all fours and change his diaper.

No wonder animals just poop on the ground.


Cindy said...

Fun post today. Sorry about your feet.

Trey said...

You clearly exhibit furry tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Just a tid-bit of info:
I am in school for massage therapy & thought I'd pass along this little note.
Take a water bottle fill it hald w/ water & half w/ rubbing alcohol [or vodka] & freeze it, then sit in a chair, & roll the bottle under your feet, the ice helps w/the inflammed fascia & the rolling of the bottle gives a good massage!

Jenn said...

Found your blog recently, been catching up on it once a week or so - terribly funny! I'm commenting because my father-in-law is the manager of a shoe store and recently "diagnosed" me with planter fasciitis and he strongly recommends constant shoe wearing. Much like small children, I hate wearing shoes, but it really does help.