In her world, it makes perfect sense

Mommy: Melody, get dressed in your leotard while I go get something out of the van.
Melody: But I want to come with you.
Mommy: You're naked. You can't come outside naked.
Mommy goes outside. Melody is standing in front of screen door, naked.
Mommy: Melody, go get dressed. Don't stand in the doorway naked.
Mommy: Melody, go get dressed. Don't come outside naked.
Melody: But I want to be with you.
Mommy: Then go get dressed, Melody. You aren't supposed to be outside naked.
Melody: But I'm not naked.
Mommy: You are completely free of clothing. You aren't even wearing panties.
Melody: But I have my shoes on. And you have to have your shoes on to come outside.


Cindy said...

Damn. Wouldn't it be cool to not care if you were naked or not?
To get out of the shower and not hope the mirror is steamed up?
Ha. : ) (I'm pushing 48 if this explains)

Deb said...

She has a point.

Kathi said...

That is precious. It sounds just like something that would come out of Andy's mouth!