Has anyone seen a baby named Charlie?

Because we only seem to have a little boy by that name. The baby is all gone.

Tonight we moved him into his Big Boy Room, but before we did, I snapped some pictures of his nursery/closet. Right now, there's random bits of furniture here and there, hoping to find homes. Poor guy didn't know how to rest with all that wide-open space and took 30 minutes to express his anger before going to sleep.

Once we get the new room a little tidier, I'll post pics of both. (As well as the pics of both girls with their happy heart ears!)


Cindy said...

They don't stay babies for very long. The baby in my family is not even two, yet he is potty training himself. (youngest of three) I still call our baby THE BABY but when he turns two I have been told we shall refer to him by name. I shall miss calling him baby!

beehivetales said...

Aww, he's getting big! The move to a new big boy room is exciting and scary!