Oh, Dear God.

I just found Dixie sitting on the bathroom counter with her feet in a sink full of water. She was cleaning the potty chair bucket using toothpaste and MY toothbrush.


ALSO, Melody clung and whined instead of going to gymnastics yesterday. She'd done the same thing at the church nursery, and then was awful all day. She's been taking three hour naps lately. For the forty-five minutes before Dowlan got home today, she fussed about being hungry. Then she refuses to eat and has a tantrum instead

She's screaming, and im being silly. I'm listening to the bottom of her feet, to the top of her head, to her elbow. Then, I listen to her mouth and say, 'Oh, that's where that sound is coming from! Do you think that if we put some food in there, it would stop making that noise?'

She giggles and shakes her head NO.

So I say, 'Well, let me see if I can figure out where that noise is coming from,' and I look down her throat. Her tonsils are HUGE and red.

I guess it was good thing I act like a fool.

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