Melody, you just need to not worry so much!

Melody started crying in the middle of church yesterday. I could not even begin to figure out what was wrong and she was getting close to hysterical before she told me, "Mommy, I don't EVER want a baby in my tummy! I don't want there to be one there AT ALL!"


On Saturday, she looked at my face and we had the following conversation:

Mommy, what's that?

-A pimple.

What's a nimple?

-Oh, just a little sore on your face. Your skin is covered in teeny tiny holes that will get bigger as you do. Sometimes, a little bit of dirt or a germ will get in one and it will make a sore.

Have I ever had one?

-Yes, when you were a baby. They covered your entire tiny nose.

Will I have more?

-Yes, but probably not until you get bigger.

Do they hurt?

-Sometimes. Most of them don't, but sometimes they hurt if they're big or in a tender spot.

But I don't want my face to hurt, EVER! I want to stay little all the time so I don't have nimples that make my face ugly and hurting! NOOOOO!

(and she began sobbing hysterically.)


And we had this conversation in Wal*Mart:

-Melody! It's a penny!


-See, it's right there!

I see it.

-Don't you want it? Pick it up!

But it isn't mine. You shouldn't take a penny that isn't yours.

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Deb said...

I can't blame her for the pimple thing. If I'd known what I was in for as a teenager, I probably would have cried at her age, too.