The girls' new favorite show?

They love The Doctor.

"Doctor Who?" you ask?


I have been on a Doctor Who watching spree. The girls LOVE it. They love the aliens, space ships, robots, planets, everything. Dixie wants to grow up and be Rose so that she can "go in the TARDIS with the dock-tah." She wants to save the world with the "Time Gourd."

Charlie can say Dock-tah.

They were playing outside and were 'hurrying back to the space transporter before the Ood got them. This is SOOOO much cooler than all that princess crap.

And at church today, we're being silly with the name game. After we get done 'banana-fana-fo-fannah'ing every kid's name in the room, they start throwing out things like 'shoe' and 'book.'

What does Melody want to sing?

Dalek, dalek, bo-balek
Mi-my-mo-malek. Dalek.

I wonder if I can buy a police box somewhere?


Kelcy said...

I do not understand anything you said in this posting.

Jenny said...

ROFL Gretchen, you and your kids are so funny. I recently discovered your blog and had to read it all. You have me laughing all the time. I, too, am a Doctor Who fan...from when I was young. Me and my sisters discovered Doctor Who in the 80s. When it came back a couple of years ago I was thrilled! I say...way to go, Charlie, Dixie, and Melody! Great job on picking a favorite show.

Emily said...

No, you absolutely may not buy/build/acquire a police box. If you do, I am going to have to listen to my husband constantly complaining “Why can’t I have a police box for my study? Gretchen has a police box, but I don’t have one.” I will be forced to come to your house and arm your children and mine with sledgehammers (along with protective clothing and safety goggles) while you are out on a date night. I really mean it.

Deb said...

Gotta be honest, I'm totally lost on this one, too.

Tina (OregonmomX3 on BBC) said...

I know this is a old blog of yours, but I had to read it. My 4 year old is a HUGE fan of DR Who to.