Awww! I should leave more often!

I went to our church's Women's Retreat this weekend.

I have been very burned out with the whole parenting gig lately. Part of it is that I am naturally lazy, part of it is that it seems like they're all insane. Simply insane. Charlie goes around biting, Melody is hysterical at the drop of a hat, and Dixie is inventing an entire fantasy world surrounding her birth parents that is rather hard to compete with.

Oh, and there's the part where I'm just lazy.

I left yesterday, and I gotta admit that I wasn't feeling so good about leaving. I had just almost witnessed the demise of my youngest courtesy of a mall escalator and had spent a good bit of time shouting at the taller ones in the 24 hours leading up to it. So I go. Sing some songs, do crafts, listen to some talks. You get the idea.

I always dread coming home. I know what my house looked like when I left, but that doesn't mean it is going to have even the most remote resemblance when I return 28 hours later.

I came home and I heard MOMMYMOMMYMOMMY through the door, was greeted with massive girl hugs and then charlie kissed my nose! I have to brag that my incredible husband taught Charlie to give kisses while I was gone! When he was leaning in, I just KNEW I was going to get bit, but I got kissed a dozen times instead with real smacking kisses! And then he walked around, practicing kissing.

It was sooooo cool to be missed. Proves I'm not invisible.


Cindy said...

Great post today. Sometimes you just have to go away to be appreciated!

Betsy said...

I know the feeling, going away and coming home to kids who MISSED you. Its a wonderful feeling. And sometimes those women's retreats are the best!

Uh Oh! Uncomfortable. said...

oh you made me giggle. I love stories of children saying the silly amazing things their imaginations come up with.