Charlie does not want you to know

that he is acting the way he's acting. That must be it, because he is putting forth every possible effort to stop me from blogging.

He has been throwing hysterical tantrums at the drop of a hat. He runs in circles in the kitchen, furiously signing MORE, MORE, but doesn't seem to know what it is he wants MORE of.

I am on the Charlie Diet--you know, the one where any food you prepare is consumed by Charlie instead of yourself.

And today I figured out that I am not just imagining things--he has clearly been experiencing, er, 'inner turmoil' and today that turmoil, er, manifested itself.

You know it is bad when you go through ten wipes before getting the diaper off. I just threw the shorts away. The 2.50 I paid for them is a small price to pay for not having to touch that crap.

And then we go to Walgreens, as I am out of Q-Tips, Vitamin C drops, and my drug of choice--Advil Cold & Sinus. I'm sitting Charlie in the cart (Thank you Jeeeesus! that I did not opt for the stroller) and I hear two girl voices, in stereo, screech EEEEEEW! POOOOOOOP!

He is completely covered along his bum and back with *drumroll* melted chocolate. It looks like an entire bottle of syrup was poured on him. Thank you, friend who decided to share her chocolate with the baby two nights ago. Thank you, 85ยบ weather.

I am not one to look upon clothing as disposable, but I barely got it to fit him to begin with and there is not enough Oxyclean in all the world to get that out.

So I think the reason that Charlie is tugging on my knees right now is to pretend like he wants MORE, MORE and to distract mommy from telling you that he is responsible for all this chaos.

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Chris and Gretchen said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with me. There's enough room for two Gretchens I suppose. :)