Dirty Alfreds

For those only familiar with VeggieTales through Charlie's obsession with Larry Boy and the LarryMobile, let me introduce you to another character: Alfred the Asparagus. Alfred wears a tux and a monocle, speaks with a pretentious British sidekick and is LarryBoy's rational counterpart in saving the day.

The benefit to Charlie's love of all things green is that he will eat any green food. What mother wouldn't love this, right? He eats lettuce, avocado, zucchini, asparagus, peas, green beans, etc. Asparagus is one of his favorite and he calls them Alfreds.

Thursday night, I come home from work and Dowlan has prepared pork chops, but no sides to go with them. So I prepare rice, salad, Alfreds, green beans, noodles and something I'm now forgetting. I arrange each of the five plates with whichever meal components each family member will consume.

Charlie, seeing the broiled asparagus, is FURIOUS. I had left it in a minute too long and it had gone from bright green to a little too dark.

"You made Dirty Alfreds! Me no want Dirty Alfreds! Me want only Clean Alfreds! Me no like you! You made my Alfreds Dirty!"

He was hysterical for oven an hour. The next day, I'd stopped on the way home from work to replace my vacuum and bought New Alfreds while at Wal*Mart. He was happy, yet unforgiving.

Three days later, he is still angry. For a kid who can't remember what he did ten minutes ago, he sure can hold a grudge.

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Caroline Davoust said...

I told my friends about this one, and the next day our cafeteria served dirty alfreds in my pasta! I tried to reenact the drama for them but I'm sure I didn't do it justice.